The next fund raising challenge…

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We have been looking at what the school really needs now!

Having achieved amazing success so far we have raised the following:-3 computers, microscope, children’s plimsolls, sports equipment, Oxford Reading Tree books, sponsorship of 20 children to attend school, salary for the computer teacher for 2 years…

The need for many of these things is on-going, such as the money to enable the children to attend school and the teacher’s salary, but that hasn’t stopped us identifying more to do!

The next targets are library books, and three more teacher’s salaries. The library books we will purchase over in India, so the content is correct and it is much cheaper to purchase them there too. Also this way I do get to keep a small amount of my luggage allowance as well! We need to raise about £200 to really get the library underway.

With regards to the staff, the government only sponsors teachers for classes 5, 6 and 7. Therefore, for us to extend education to older children, we need to look at subsidising the amount the school can afford to pay for classes 8, 9 & 10. The school can manage to fund Rs 2,000 of the Rs 3,000 salary each of these teachers require. So we need to fund the extra Rs 3000 per month for these teachers, that amounts to £37.50 in total (or £12.50 per teacher per month).

I hope that once again all of you will rise to the challenge and by the time we travel out to India in about seven weeks I would love to be able to say that we have achieved one year’s salary for these teachers.

We have had donations this week from Milestone Weddings, through the new bookings that have been taken,, and once again the ongoing support from the customers at Thyme at the Tavern, Chertsey, – £15 was collected in the collection tin on the bar, alongside the tips that raise money each week – so thank you again for this. That £15 will pay one month’s salary for one of the teachers already! If any one wants to say where they would like their donations to go, that is fine as we can usually allocate funds in that way.

And, of course, if you think your office/shop/pub etc etc can raise money for Helping Elsewhere, then give me a call and we can arrange one of our gloriously yellow collection tins for you!


Power of Silence, chapter 2…

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Our friend Gina, without whose help most of ‘Helping Elsewhere’ would not happen as she manages to fit in visits to the school alongside her full time job, has just returned from visiting her family in Poona and has already sent us an up to date report on the school. So in her words this is what has been happening…

The school has had their inspection for Class 9 & it seems to have gone well. The Parish youth had a football match & donated the money to buy 100 plastic chairs, just prior to the inspection.

I saw the computer lab – they now have 3 computers & a very personable young lady doing the subject with them.

The student council of the school came up with an idea, which had me in splits when I heard it – not because of the idea, but because of the change it’s brought in the school. Since Father & Jacinta are trying very hard to get the children to speak English, the student council said the children who don’t speak English should be fined, & the money goes to the school fund!! So there is now silence in the school, because those who can’t pay or have to pay from their pocket money are keeping quiet!!!!

The Govt is giving the school 20,000 rs to buy musical instruments for the school -so J is planning on getting a violin – no Goan celebration is complete without someone playing the violin! Also a couple of other Western & Indian instruments.

We thought the childrens’ fundraising idea was great, especially following on from Silvia’s efforts last week to raise funds for Helping Elsewhere by being quiet!

So the next set of items we are trying to raise money for are more science equipment after the delivery of the microscope, more books for the library and we need to raise funds for 3 more teachers who can teach at the next level up, which will enable the children to further their education beyond the basic entry level.

I will keep you all posted, donations can be made via PayPal or cheques made out to Helping Elsewhere and sent to 43, Camborne Road, London SW18 4BH. Don’t forget about the online shopping option, using Easy Fundraising – it costs you nothing but we do get an appreciable percentage.

We will be in touch soon, with some more fundraising events!


In their own words…

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This week, something a little different… I have asked Jacinta, who is the Headmistress of the school, to tell you all something about the school in her words and what form a day in the life of the children consists of. So over to Jacinta:

“Welcome to Our Lady of Rosary School – Mandrem. Our school was founded in July 1993. It is a registered Society under the Diocesan Society of Education, Panaji, Goa. Our Lady of Rosary School nestles amidst the scenic beauty of Goa.

It is a co-educational Institution where both girls and boys study together. Our school starts at 8.00 a.m. and ends at 1.20 p.m. Presently we run 5 classes.(from class five to class nine) – age group between 10-15 years. It is in a crawling stage – in a process of up-gradation. Next year we should be having class ten.

Class five to seven is government aided, whereas class eight & nine is unaided. It is not funded by the Govt. Neither the teachers who are employed are paid by the govt.

We have eight periods. The first period is of 40 min. duration, and the rest 35 min. with just 20 min. break. Our teachers work hard to tap the talents of the children. Our children are talented in drawing, games and sports. We encourage them to participate in the co-curricular activities organized not only in the school, but also inter-school and at the taluka level. Our football team boys u/14 won at the taluka level. The school organizes lot of games and other competitions like Drawing, Mathematical Quiz, Science Quiz & competitions like Rangoli, Flower Arrangement, Singing Time-Table and so on. These activities are organized according to the level of the children. They also carry projects in Science. Our school won 2nd. place in the project organized by the ECO. Club. Our P.T.A. also organizes some activities for the children.

Here I would like to introduce our new Manager. We have a very dynamic Manager, Fr. Domnic Pereira who gives his life for the children and the school. He is an educationist and is ever ready to do anything to reach out the school. Besides his Parish work, he is day in and out of the school to give us a helping hand. He works hard to raise the standard of the school. His love, concern and encouragement has boosted the ego of our children. He is very caring and humane. Our motto of the school is Love and Service and we try our best to encourage our children to grow in love and service towards their families and the community at large.”

I hope this makes our little community more like a real place, and as you can see the structure is not dis-similar to that of one of our schools. Just that their funding has to come in a different way to most schools in this country.


The power of silence…

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The sound of silence!

This week we have had some fun at Thyme Lords with targeted sponsorship of one member of staff undertaking to do a sponsored silence. This, you may think, is not difficult but this particular Portuguese young lady just loves to chatter, and to practice her English on all of us, so in fact this was really quite a challenge. From 6am to 3pm not one word passed her lips! Sign language was allowed – just as well really, as we would all have missed the “energetic coffee”, “classic tea” or “aromatic tea” (PG tips or Early Grey to the rest of us!). So beware everyone… Silvia will be round with the tin on Friday to collect her sponsorship. Well Done Silvia! and thank you from Helping Elsewhere!

I would also like to say a big thank you to Vanessa at Microsoft, Chertsey for her donation – she also has her own challenge to run a half marathon – so good luck with that.

Finally… Paypal have finally sorted themselves out and we have been able to reinstate the donation button on the site – Great news. Be sure to visit!