Sale success…

Posted by Helen 
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This week we had our first jewellery sale in aid of ‘Helping Elsewhere’ and I would like to say a big thank you to Sophie for allowing us to host this event in her home. We managed to raise approx £150 towards the library. The road show is now moving on and we have our second event on the 2nd December in Balham and then the third one in Ilford on the 9th December at LK Lily . We also hope that we can host one at ‘Thyme at the Tavern’, Chertsey (date to be confirmed).

Invitation to Lk Lily Jewellery Party

The update on Alice’s Library is that we will be opening this with the proceeds from the Tea Party at Langshott Manor, and we will be hosting a tea party for the children of the school when we are out in India. We will also be giving a copy ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ as the first book. The challenge has been set to our friend in India to find cup cakes that we can serve along with tea of course! Many of you who have followed our progress from day one will know that we took out a football strip on our last visit courtesy of Horley Town junior football team, and, well, a tournament will be held on the 22nd November for the U14’s team which is being organised by Jacinta the headmistress of our school. We will be there and will present the ‘Helping Elsewhere’ trophy to the winning team – so fingers crossed for our school!

We can’t wait to leave in two weeks time and hopefully we will keep all of you updated with news whilst we are away, I will try to post photo’s to the blog, power permitting!

Let me know if anyone would like to attend our next sale so I can give you full details or indeed if you feel you can host one! As you can see a small amount goes a long long way in India.

Thank you again for all your support and we will update you soon with our next installment!


Alice in Wonderland…

Posted by Helen 
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Last weekend we had a small gathering of friends at Langshott Manor in Surrey – we all had afternoon tea in the style of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, with jam tarts, cream scones and a selection of mouth watering sandwiches. Not to mention some wicked house cocktails like the Flamingo… And we played croquet on the lawn (although not with flamingos!). It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon and we were entertained to some mind twisting magic by James Prince and wonderful caricatures by Danny Byrne.

This event was my belated birthday party and through the generosity of my guests we are now in a position to found the ‘Alice’ Library in the school at Mandrem. I have posted some of the snaps I have taken but I will replace these with photos taken by Lloyd Dobbie, who was kind enough to photograph the party for me.



We are having our first jewelery sale this coming Wednesday in Wandsworth, if anyone wishes to come then please let me know. Also Lindsay of LK Lily will be hosting a sale in her shop in Ilford in the second week of December and even if you don’t wish to buy jewelery, a visit to the shop is well worthwhile. You can come and buy your Christmas wreath or even attend one of her classes where she shows you how to make your own. Lindsay may also have the jewelery on sale through November whilst we are in India – I am afraid none of my friends are safe!

We fly out to Mandrem on the 8th November and we are lucky enough to be there for nearly three weeks, so we are having a last minute drive on fund raising. The more funds we can give over when we are there, the more we, and they, can achieve. I think there will be many photo opportunities and you will be able to follow our progress through the blog.
Once again A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has supported us so far with this project. I can’t begin to tell how much of a difference we are already beginning to make.


Fantastic news…

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We would just like to thank everyone for their efforts so far as we have hit the the £2750 mark with all your fund raising efforts! This means we have funds of about £500 over our target so the library can go ahead and we can look into funding the extra teachers that are needed. I am afraid that quite shamelessly, I have even bullied my parents into donating, so no one is safe!!! So thank you Mum & Dad for your contribution and I hope you are enjoying spending the rest of our inheritance traveling around the West Coast of the USA.

We will be traveling out to Mandrem next month for three weeks and during that time, we will be aiming to put all of the plans that we have told you about over the past months in place. When we are in India, I will be aiming to post to the blog every couple of days with pictures and news for all of you to see what an amazing effect all your hard work has achieved. Also I would love to keep in touch with anyone either via email or through Skype, you are welcome to ask for our Skype name, and if you have a webcam as well you will be able to see Mandrem too, although this just might make you all jealous! This is of course power permitting… Goa has a wonderful knack of having a power cut just at that most important moment.

Before we go, we are holding two sales of jewelery and other Indian Crafts – one in Camborne Road, SW18 on the 22nd October between 7-9pm, the second one with a date to be confirmed in the Gatwick Area.  On sale with be a selection of Indian jewelery made using local semi precious stones, many items are from the exclusive Casa Susegad Collection handmade by Carol Steen. Also there will be hand made paper albums and note cards, pashminas, incense and ‘locally grown in Goa’ vanilla pods. The prices start at just £5 so we hope there will be something for everyone, plus there will be wine and nibbles too! Plus we can take payment via cash, cheque or credit cards though PayPal. If you would like to come let me know and I will give you the exact address.

On the 2nd December we will be holding another sale in the Balham Area, and finally one in Ilford unless anyone else comes forward to offer to host any more. All the profits go to Helping Elsewhere, we are covering all the administrative costs ourselves.