New Year, New Ideas…

Posted by Helen 
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Happy New Year everyone – I know it is a bit late but a lot has been happening. We now have the Casa Susegad Jewellery Collection on sale in two High Street locations, LK Lily in Ilford and a beautiful shop in Balham called Devotion. So thank you to Lindsay for her continued help and now to Carolyn Cowan for coming on board.

Over Christmas and the New Year, Lei Lei our bookkeeper has collated all our accounts information and confirmed that in our first year of fundraising we have managed to raise a staggering £4000.00 which has gone a long, long way to changing the lives of the children in Mandrem.

Our next project is taking shape – The Helping Elsewhere Cookery Book. The chefs at Elsewhere and Casa Susegad are giving us the inside track on the fantastic food that is served there. So you can all enjoy a little bit of Goan cuisine ‘Elsewhere’. The idea is to have the recipe and then a lttle bit about when it would be served or how the recipe became a favourite – for instance, the recipe for bebinca that is always served at celebrations. I am very much looking forward to tasting all the dishes when we are next out in Mandrem which is in about 8 weeks! Amazingly we have found a publisher who will take the finished item too.

We are also looking into the logistics of holding an art exhibition in both London and Panjim. We have a wonderful resource of artistic people who have expressed an interest in such an exhibition. So my time over the next few weeks will be filled with organising as you can imagine.

As we will be travelling out to Mandrem quite close to Easter we will be taking mini eggs out for the children, we will have to take about 150 so I hope that our luggage does not sit for long on the tarmac when we arrive or else we will have a lovely gooey mess in our case!