Easter comes early…

Posted by Helen 
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After the last week of snow and ice, we cannot wait to be on the plane out to Goa in three weeks. I am sure that most of you would rather we did not rub that in!

So today I went shopping for some of the things we will be taking out with us – one of which was 150 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. I don’t think the lady on the checkout believed me when I said they were not all for me!  The kids in Goa love chocolate but do not often have the treat, so we thought an Easter Egg Hunt would be fun, and not something they have done before. I know we are a little early but I don’t suppose the kids will mind.

Easter Eggs

We also are taking out art materials and some of the children are going to paint their view of life and these paintings will become part of our exhibition of other Indian art that will happen in the summer.  One fun item will be a canvas of hand prints of the children, which will be great fun to see them do. I have said I will also have a go at painting our view of Goa too… I don’t think Damian Hurst has anything to fear though. We are hoping that the exhibition will be held at a small gallery in Southfields, so watch this space.

Also, I am learning a new skill, which I guess in a way is the essence of this charity. English was never my strongest subject at school and any of you who know me well, will know I would rather pick up the phone than write a letter, but a Cookery Book Project is well underway. It has been tentatively titled ‘Recipes from Elsewhere – Food for Mind, Body… and Education’.  I have already written the preface and a personal introduction to Goan food which I hope does justice to the wonderful cuisine.  Great news is that we have a publisher, and a very kind offer from one of our friends who is an editor to edit it – I think she will have her work cut out! Our chefs and cooks in Goa are tasting, refining and photographing food, so hopefully when we come back , the knitty gritty work can begin.

I also have Colin working hard on our internet shopping site so Carol’s wonderful jewellery will be available on line in the very near future, along with some of our other items.

Finally, if any of you would like to contribute to the Goan Easter Egg Hunt fund, you can use the paypal link on the site – even £1 will help! My task is to get them all there without them melting!