A Fashionable (and Useful!) Evening!

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The other night, I spent an evening with my friends Barbara and Fr Avin. The first stop was the Inter-College Fashion Show at the Don Bosco College in Panjim. Different faculties competed against each other in a two-day festival of culture and art. The show I attended was based around interpretations of the different cultures of the world with, firstly, costumes having been designed around each country’s national dress. Then a more freeform interpretation. The students ran the whole show themselves – video, photography and commentary.

Fashion - around the World

They tried to make me judge the winners but I felt totally out of my depth on that!!! Barbara took the risk and did the honours!

Student Fashion...

After the show I spent some time with Fr Avin and I handed over the funds for the second year of school fees for the most needy kids of Sirsi in Karnataka. Currently twelve students are having their school fees paid for their time at the High School. And at this point I would like to thank Pete and Tracey for their continued support to the kids in Sirsi!


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