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The Winning Team

The Winning Team

Last night we had the privilege of attending the Annual Awards Ceremony of Horley Town FC Avengers  – as many of you know, the kids at Horley Town are long term supporters of the football team at our Lady of Rosary School, Mandrem. In fact it was their donation of their old kit that enabled Mandrem’s team to take part in the local football tournament that we blogged about a little while ago. The Horley team has done well over the past year (finishing fifth in their league with a dramatic improvement in form in the second half of the season) and they have been developing the value of sportmanship and team work, and the power of participation in sport, which are all the same values that have come through from the Indian kids too – the pride that the team can have from wearing a kit  and just being part of the team. I have to say that the girls that cheer on our Goan team have really taken to the idea of ‘WAGs’ and are always there to shout for the lads, just as they are at Horley.

I would also just like to say on behalf of the sponsors of the team last night “thank you” for looking after us so well. My company Red Sky Events sponsors the half time drinks for the boys, Gary from Camberley Auto Factors (who provide the kit) was there , Damien from Sawyers Autosmart (who provide their training jackets) and Matt from  A New Way Garage (who provide the training equipment) also had a great time.

Also thanks to the mums and dads who were patient enough to listen to me talk about our latest fund raising efforts for the children in Mandrem and giving me a platform to once again beg for old mobile phones – if we can hit our target of 100 or more then the children in Mandrem can attend school for yet another year. If any one can help with this please let me know!!!

Well done to the manager and coaches who have nurtured a team who, win or lose, have embraced the world of sport and sportsmanship – they are a credit to the club…


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