About us

Helping Elsewhere sprang to life as soon as we started to spend holidays in a little village called Mandrem in the north of Goa. Our love for that part of India just grew as we got to know the local community and we started to ‘get involved’.

Gina, then working at our holiday retreat but by profession a teacher, suggested I accompanied her one day to the nearby school to meet Jacinta, the headmistress. I met a totally committed lady who saw teaching as ‘a calling’ and was passionate about giving the best start possible to the local children. She showed me around the school, a lovely modern building but nearly totally empty – when the donated money had run out, then fitting out and equipping had just had to stop. A single question, “What would help you?”, sent us off immediately to raise funds for computers, and then books. Helping Elsewhere was born.

Since then, as we’ve experienced more places, more people, more situations in Goa we’ve found ourselves noticing and being told other ways in which a little money, a little management help, a little infrastructure can help existing projects achieve their aims in less time and more efficiently.

We don’t run projects ourselves and we don’t tell people how to run things. They know that already and they know the local constraints and opportunities far better than we ever could. We just assist, with your help, where we can.