Bookworm – Taleigao and Cacra

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In the Panjim suburb of Taleigao, sitting on the steps of a little house, I experienced my first sighting of ‘Junior MOP’. Bookworm is now teaching the learning habit to pre-school children, by means of storytelling. Today’s story was our previous favourite Bindi Su – the story of a little red car that never stops as she travels through Goa , noticing everything about her. For these young kids, as well as the story and the pictures, Bookworm also set up a small puppet theatre with all the characters in the book. Afterwards the children draw all the characters as well.
My role? Well, I found out I was a dab hand at puppetry!

Bindi Su and the puppet theatre - Junior MOP

Then we moved on to Cacra, situated by the sea down below Goa University. Both Junior and Senior MOP sessions run side by side here for a wider range of kids. The mats, boxes of books and drawing crayons tumble out of the van again. Being out and about like this makes you realise that classrooms don’t necessarily need walls at all – just good teachers.

Singing at Cacra

Singing of The Watermelon Song with all the actions start the session followed by ‘Sitting in the Mango Tree’. The young ones enjoy the harum-scarum antics of Bindi Su travelling around Goa with yours truly steering the puppets. Everyone enjoys the interaction and the kids once again pick a character to draw. The older ones have meanwhile split off and go sit inside the little shrine for their more advanced reading activities.

Reading practice in the shrine at Cacra

Then outside aagain, everyone then borrows a new book to take home and read or make up their own story from the pictures. The sun is setting as we drive away with a final ‘yeta’ – Konkani for ‘bye-bye’ or ‘I’ll be back’. In Konkani, apparently there is no true word for ‘good bye’ – and it’s true that I will indeed be back soon!


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