CCTV in Mandrem School

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If you’ve already read the post from our Guest Blogger, Pete, you’ll know already about the appalling serious sexual assault of a 7-yearold in her school in Goa. The big bad world has truly entered village life in Goa. I could not believe the other day that I was sitting in Jacinta’s office in Rosary School, Mandrem discussing child safety in the same way as has routinely happened in the UK or America for the past many years. Bad times indeed.

As Pete has mentioned, Goan schools now have to arrange CCTV monitoring within their own means. Mandrem is blessed with an itinerant tourist market passing its doors and so there is obviously an increased risk of trouble in our school. Time is thus of the essence to rig up an effective system at Mandrem.

Protecting Goan Kids

Indian schools are not generally designed with security in mind (unlike in the UK when once everybody is in, then the key can be turned) and Mandrem is no exception. Yes there is a lockable gate at the front, but the back and sides are open. The design needs careful thought and that was what was happening when we turned up. Costs are still a bit speculative, but £2,000 seems reasonable for a good system.

We have diverted some of our funds to start the process going, but obviously more is needed…

I feel saddened that I have to write this post but child safety is now just as important as our other aims.


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