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Long time readers of our blog will recall that three years ago we set out to create a scholarship to train a teacher or an engineer. The scholarship was in memory of my dad, Peter John Rowe, who was a fantastic engineer who worked his way up from the shop floor to become an accomplished and respected mechanic accompanying the Royal Tours around the world to becoming General Manager of Rolls Royce Motors. He was also extremely supportive of Helping Elsewhere and what we were trying to do.

We had lots fun raising the money, culminating with a fabulous event at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

The recipient of the Goan scholarship was a young man called Dustin Cardoza who lives in Mandrem (we met him very early on at Our Lady of Rosary School in Mandrem, where we started our journey). Dustin also lost his dad at a very similar time so I think our paths and lives were just meant to cross. I have known Dustin for nearly ten years now and have watched him grow not only in stature but as a person.

Well, in March this year Dustin actually qualified as a teacher and is now in the process of looking for a permanent teaching job. He is at the moment working in an admin role in a school and going through the interview process for actual teaching positions. And I hope to hear very soon he has been successful!


Thank you to everyone who supported this effort! Of all our projects so far this is, from a very personal point of view, the one closest to my heart!


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  1. Charmel says, May 21st, 2015 at 21:40

    Congratulations Dustin on your fantastic achievement.You are a credit to the youth today and will be a very fine example to your pupils one day. It is so heart warming to read a story of hope and success as all other news seems to be so depressing. Good luck with your interviews and stay true to yourself always. Blessing Charmel ????

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