Easter Eggs and Entertainment…

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Easter is almost upon us, so here is the story of the Easter Eggs that we took out to Mandrem. On the last Friday we were in Mandrem we were invited to a simple recital of music and dance performed by the children. Once I have mastered the technology we should have video clips for you to watch of this too!

The program started with a welcome song in both Konkani and English. Then (contestants on Strictly Come Dancing eat your hearts out!) we were treated to a formation dance of the ‘Cha Cha Cha’. Next about seven of the lads showed huge energy in the boiling hot sun and performed some urban ‘street’ dance to a sequence of Bollywood Hip Hop and the closing piece was a performance of Goan traditional folk dancing.

Traditional dance

Traditional dance

The Cha cha cha

The Cha cha cha

The children from all the classes love art, music and just being creative and they have collectively made and given us thank you cards which we will scan and put up on the net for all for you to share as their messages of thanks are to all of of you too, for your generous donations.

Thank you cards

Thank you cards

Now the fun part…

Having packed and unpacked them, fretted about them sitting on the tarmac at the airport and traveling in the boots of various taxis, our Caburys Creme Eggs are probably some of the most traveled easter eggs out there, and at last they made it to the school. The children were all very coy when we walked in to their classrooms and I asked “Do you like sweets?”. Silence was the stern reply. “Well I will go then”, I replied. “No Madam we do like sweets” was the chorus – so on that note we went around the classes and had everyone take an egg. As is so typical of the children in the school, if you give them a treat they want to treasure it, so we had to persuade them that they should eat it now and it was not a good idea to put it in their pockets! Also they should wash the hands after eating them so as not to get chocolate on their school books! We didn’t want to be in the teacher’s bad books either! We also had enough eggs left over of all the teachers at the school and the staff at Elsewhere too – Barbara at Elsewhere tells me they were a favourite especialy with John who not only has the biggest smile but the sweetest tooth out there and has tea with his sugar everyday rather than the other way around!

The Easter Eggs

The Easter Eggs

Happy Easter Everyone… and on a spring like note you can twitter me now at www.twitter.com my twitter name is fronkess, a throw back to my wedding planning days – if you want to know more then ask.


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  1. gina says, April 8th, 2009 at 15:43

    How I’m missing Mandrem & Elsewhere- Everything here is so different. I went to visit my old school -The Mercedes Benz International School in Poona -how different it is from our little village school in Mandrem . I’m meeting Glynis Bebb -the Primary years coordinator , for lunch & will take along the lovely ” Helping Elsewhere ” book that you made – she introduced me to the Oxford Reading tree & will be thrilled to see them being used in our lovely village school .

    i miss both of you . Hugs & xxxx

  2. admin says, April 8th, 2009 at 15:59

    Hi Gina,
    We are missing Mandrem too, we are sending you hugs across the oceans and hope to be in Poona later this year. Let us know what Glynis thinks of our little project.

    Lots of love


  3. gina says, June 11th, 2009 at 14:12

    Lovely to read about the new project with Don Bosco. Sure it will be a great success too. right now I’m sitting in Kerala in am Ayurvedic spa , in a little village called Chingoli. It reminds me a lot of Goa , only it is far more lush &green.
    Hope to see you in Poona in the new year.
    Glynis loved the book & the whole concept. She was most impressed that you got Sue Potter to send us the books.
    Arjun came & met me in poona , on his way to Nepal . His English improves every day. I was just so happy to see him & so were the women who work for me .
    Hugs from Kerala .This is a tate you must visit -you’ll love it. Smiling faces everywhere.

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