Freddie the Fish

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Freddie the Fish happened by accident.

I got this rather cute bag the other day, thinking I might just find a use for it.


I called him Freddie and he just started to go viral. We had just got a batch of Helping Elsewhere wristbands (“take one and leave a pound in the pot”) and suddenly Freddie was hungry!

So now Freddie the Fish is our rather fun fundraising machine to get the funds to buy the set of Oxford Reading Tree books for our little school up in the hills.

We only need £500 (but more would be good!) to get started buying a set of Floppy Phonics and in a matter of days we are already well into three figures!

Much of that is due to our glorious friend Toni from Get Waisted in Steyning, just round the corner from us. She very generously filled Freddie up with a hundred pounds!!! What a gal! Please pay a visit to her shop to say thank you from us if you want/need made to measure dresses, corsets or bridal wear – it’s marvellous stuff.

Get Waisted

If any of you want a wristband or ten, let us know and I’ll drop them in the post to you!

HE wristbands

And watch out for Fenella – Freddie’s girlfriend who’s purple! Coming Soon!

Isn’t life great!


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  1. Gina Ali Khan says, August 8th, 2014 at 00:41

    Freddie rocks …. that’s what my students at Mercedes Benz International School , Pune, India would say!! Never seen a fish move so fast or get so fat in less than a week !! Thank you for all that every one is doing for our little school up in the Himalayas!

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