From Delhi with Love…

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Whilst we were at Mandrem we meet a lovely family who live in Delhi. Mum, dad and the three children were enjoying the simplicity of Elsewhere and one of the ways in which this showed itself was the ingenuity of the children in making games out of the things they found around them.

A piece of paper painted with black and white squares for the board and bottle tops for the pieces became Hugo’s draughts set. One evening we watched dad play endless games of pick-up sticks using toothpicks with young Anna. But Clara took this to a whole new level when she started painting the tips of the sticks with her watercolours (she was a great little artist as well!) and devising a scoring system.

All of the children were interested in what we were doing with the children from the village and how different it was in the village compared to their big school in Delhi. Just before we left one day for Our Lady of Rosary School, Clara came up to us with a set of pick-up sticks that she had made for the children to play with. So when it was break time I showed Jacinta and some of the children how to play. They caught on quickly and loved it. So thank you Clara for your help and the fun you brought to Mandrem!


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