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On Monday last we visited the school for the first time this trip when it reopened after Holi. We took with us two friends we had made whilst staying here. Kate is a 3rd grade teacher in Manhattan and her husband, Mark, works on Wall Street. Kate was very interested to see how different the system was here to the school where she teaches in the US.

We arrive and introductions are made with Jacinta the headmistress, all the staff and kids. After walking around and showing off some of the children’s schoolwork and the artwork on the walls, we get down to the serious business of carrom and table tennis.

Kate sits at the carrom table with three of the boys and they try to teach her the finer points of the game. Oh… and how they kids wanted her to score and they overlooked the missed hits and other beginners mistakes, but to no avail – Kate didn’t break her duck. So Mark took over and Kate and I like to think it was beginners luck, not that he was inherently better than Kate at carrom. He managed to score in his first game! However both of them had sore fingers for more than a couple of days since and are still recovering!


Next came table tennis and we have discovered that Jacinta plays a mean game. She put all all of us to shame!

After the fun, Kate and Jacinta discussed a little of the difference in the ways of teaching in a small Indian village school to that of teaching in a school in the centre of Manhattan. Very interesting and much was learnt by all sides. I’m sure Kate will stay in touch!


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