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Our name in Sussex does seem to be spreading – we seem to be featured in quite a few newspapers and magazines this year! The most important part of this recognition is that it is definitely driving people towards our little shop in Cobblestone Walk, Steyning, which means we are raising more funds for our Indian projects. The embarrassing part of this is that I keep being recognised by people in the street (what would the young fame-crazed starlets of today give for that?), but that does mean of course that I get the opportunity to wax lyrical about Goa to a whole new audience.

So the latest edition to hit the stands is ‘Etc Magazine’, a really good glossy that is given away all over Sussex (they have other editions for other Southern Counties – check it out when you can). We got a full colour double-page spread and they really seemed to ‘get’ what Helping Elsewhere does. And a photo of Tracey and me that I’m not too ashamed to show people!


Here’s a link to a PDF of the Etc Magazine article so you can read for yourself.

PS I believe another journo from The Herald (editions all over the South Coast) is currently writing us up as well. I’ll post a link if we get it before we decamp over to Goa (very soon, yippee!).


3 Responses to “More publicity!”

  1. Fran Renals says, September 15th, 2013 at 18:56

    Love your shop! Was so warm and welcoming and made me feel that I was in India! I loved this! I could have spent much longer in there! If you haven’t been, you must!

  2. Gina Ali Khan says, September 16th, 2013 at 05:38

    Wish I could see the shop . But this is fantastic & to get more people to come to see our wonderful little school in Mandrem – Jacintha must be smiling wherever she is . Thank you Helen !

  3. Diana Boulter says, September 16th, 2013 at 16:04

    This little shop is a gem and an inspiration. I wasn’t intending to buy much … but then I saw it. How can you resist such lovely things at such fair prices? And supporting a really worthwhile cause. Gorgeous pashminas, original jewellery, fabulous colours. Lucky Steyning, I say! I’m now organising a Dinner in April 2014 to support Helen, Tracey and their work.

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