Our 2nd phase, the next wish list…

After our November 08 trip, we had a great response to our blog posts and many supporters both old and new asking what our wish list will be going forward. Well, the target for the next year is as follows;-

The first thing is to fund the difference between working for just expenses (which is what many of the Mandrem teachers currently work for) and a professional wage. It means it will encourage good teachers to stay, which at the moment is a problem as they have to leave for adequately paid jobs as soon as they have gained some experience. It also means we can look to fund the teachers for older children to enable them to stay at the local school past 14 years. At the moment they would have to leave and not continue in education, or at least travel a good distance to other schools.

Needed: 3000 rps x 5 teachers per month (equals about £40 per teacher) – 180,000 rupees or approx £2400 for the year for all 5 teachers.

The second target to to maintain the 20 children that have been able to attend school this year due to our funding.

Needed: £12.50 per year per child.

The third target is to fund a music teacher. The Goan government has given a grant, thanks to Father Dominic’s hard lobbying of the education department, for some musical instruments and money for a Western music teacher, but the children also wish to learn Indian music too, so we are hoping to provide suitable instruments and a teacher.

Needed 3,000 rupees per month (£40 per month or £480 per year) for the teacher. We also need about £200 towards the instruments.

Lastly, books, books and more books both library and Oxford Reading Tree literacy teaching.

Needed: as much as we can raise!

Our overall target for the next 12 months is £3500 – so let’s see how we do!

I would like to thank everyone for their continued support!