The Goan Office reopens…

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We have come back to our second home in Goa. After a very quick flight it seemed we made it in no time to our first haven of tranquility at Vivenda Goa, where once again we were made most welcome by Charlotte and Simon and their team. Toby the basset hound naturally also put in a welcome appearance too. Our first job on arrival (even before the first gin & tonic!) was to make sure all the easter eggs had made it, and yes they had – despite sitting on the tarmac for 30 minutes waiting to be put on the luggage belt, and then the journey to Vivenda in the boot of the Taxi.

We have started our quest for the recipes for the book. Charlotte sent us to meet an amazing couple, Reuben and Selia, who have restored a beautiful old mansion and its gardens, Palácio do Deão, as their family home and serve the most amazing lunches to people who want to visit to experience the best of Goa’s heritage. Selia very kindly has started the book off with a recipe for prawn caldine. So If you are even vaguely interested in architecture, gardens and food in Goa, they can be found at

Helen at Palaacio do Deao

We have now left Vivenda Goa with the final piece of fantastic news that Simon and Charlotte have very kindly agreed to sponsor the musical instruments for the school’s music department. This got our trip off to a truly great start.

Now we have arrived at Elsewhere and what a welcome! The bridge was decorated with palm arches and we were greeted with flower garlands, and everybody mobbed us…, so the office is now open again!

And the easter eggs have made it safely into the fridge again… The kids are currently on a few days holiday for Holi (have you seen the amount of powdered paint thrown over all and sundry!) so the eggs will be taken up to the school in the next couple of days and we will see all our friends there again.


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  1. Lloyd says, March 12th, 2009 at 07:58

    You look a bit lonely, sat there on your own… 🙂

    Enjoy the steamy weather!

  2. gina says, March 12th, 2009 at 12:23

    Dearest Helen & Colin-Welcome home . It’s so wonderful to see you sitting in the shack . It’s this feeling I get when you’re back-” All’s well with the world !”

  3. Sara says, March 12th, 2009 at 12:59

    Wow! Lucky you! I wish I was there too! Keep up the great work and the lovely blog posts so I can enjoy it from cold and rainy Europe! Cheers and Hugs, Sara

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