The next fund raising challenge…

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We have been looking at what the school really needs now!

Having achieved amazing success so far we have raised the following:-3 computers, microscope, children’s plimsolls, sports equipment, Oxford Reading Tree books, sponsorship of 20 children to attend school, salary for the computer teacher for 2 years…

The need for many of these things is on-going, such as the money to enable the children to attend school and the teacher’s salary, but that hasn’t stopped us identifying more to do!

The next targets are library books, and three more teacher’s salaries. The library books we will purchase over in India, so the content is correct and it is much cheaper to purchase them there too. Also this way I do get to keep a small amount of my luggage allowance as well! We need to raise about £200 to really get the library underway.

With regards to the staff, the government only sponsors teachers for classes 5, 6 and 7. Therefore, for us to extend education to older children, we need to look at subsidising the amount the school can afford to pay for classes 8, 9 & 10. The school can manage to fund Rs 2,000 of the Rs 3,000 salary each of these teachers require. So we need to fund the extra Rs 3000 per month for these teachers, that amounts to £37.50 in total (or £12.50 per teacher per month).

I hope that once again all of you will rise to the challenge and by the time we travel out to India in about seven weeks I would love to be able to say that we have achieved one year’s salary for these teachers.

We have had donations this week from Milestone Weddings, through the new bookings that have been taken,, and once again the ongoing support from the customers at Thyme at the Tavern, Chertsey, – £15 was collected in the collection tin on the bar, alongside the tips that raise money each week – so thank you again for this. That £15 will pay one month’s salary for one of the teachers already! If any one wants to say where they would like their donations to go, that is fine as we can usually allocate funds in that way.

And, of course, if you think your office/shop/pub etc etc can raise money for Helping Elsewhere, then give me a call and we can arrange one of our gloriously yellow collection tins for you!


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