The power of silence…

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The sound of silence!

This week we have had some fun at Thyme Lords with targeted sponsorship of one member of staff undertaking to do a sponsored silence. This, you may think, is not difficult but this particular Portuguese young lady just loves to chatter, and to practice her English on all of us, so in fact this was really quite a challenge. From 6am to 3pm not one word passed her lips! Sign language was allowed – just as well really, as we would all have missed the “energetic coffee”, “classic tea” or “aromatic tea” (PG tips or Early Grey to the rest of us!). So beware everyone… Silvia will be round with the tin on Friday to collect her sponsorship. Well Done Silvia! and thank you from Helping Elsewhere!

I would also like to say a big thank you to Vanessa at Microsoft, Chertsey for her donation – she also has her own challenge to run a half marathon – so good luck with that.

Finally… Paypal have finally sorted themselves out and we have been able to reinstate the donation button on the site – Great news. Be sure to visit!


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