Up in the Ghats again…

Posted by Helen 
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The important thing with some projects we aid is to know when they have run their course. And the Light Up a Life project associated with the Watershed program up in the Western Ghats, set up by Fr George, has indeed reached that point. All houses that need them have their solar panels. And Don Bosco have completed their water and crop management works.

But there is one last bit of the jigsaw to complete – inline water filtration between the wells and the pumps. So sixty ‘Purerite’ purification kits (costing about £23 each) are needed. Your support has meant that Helping Elsewhere have been able to pay for ten kits and so I believe the target fund for the 60 units is about 75% reached.


And when that target is reached, then the cycle will be complete. It is often important to know when to quietly leave and let people pursue their lifestyle and culture totally independent of you. One’s impact, beyond that initial identified goal, should be minimal.


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  1. Charmel says, December 25th, 2013 at 19:39

    So little yet so much in so many people’s lives and the impact you have had on these people has been enormous. They have been truly blessed to have had sponsors like you and It would be such a privilege for me to be able to sponsor a filter for you to give to someone still in need. Kindly advise me of your banking details. I really believe a very special place in heaven has been reserved for you guys to retire to one day but in the meantime enjoy Goa.

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