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I know our blog has been woefully un-updated these last few months. A combination of work, a bit of ill health and start-stop-start-stop-start-stop attempts at house-moving meant I have not been writing anything – however the work goes on!

We are in India at the moment and I am sitting here writing this whilst the monsoon rain pours down around me. The first posts are a general ones with updates on our existing projects and it will be followed by further posts showing the directions in which we are heading – all very exciting, but more of that later…

So, in no particular order…

The library van for Bookworm has been bought and is being kitted out and sign written as we speak. When we are back in November we will have pictures to show you of the finished vehicle and more news from Sujarta and Elaine…

The Lifeboards that were ordered and made for the Don Bosco Mobile School are now out there and doing their stuff as intended. The neck design for the screw cap has even been modified so that the caps fit better, but we still need to carry out caps from the UK for them. So spare a thought for me when we return in November, as once again no shoes and pretty things can I bring in my case – just plastic lids and a football strip! This latest strip is again courtesy of Horley Town Football Club Youth Team (thanks guys!) and it will go to one of the tribal villages in the Western Ghats (the mountain strip that hugs Goa to the coast). Once the strip arrives, the school team will be able to be brought into town to play against other schools and make their mark.

Now, back in June, I had a wonderful email from a couple who we met whilst at Elsewhere during the cyclone last November and who, the last thing we had heard, were intending to get married this past spring. We listened to the plans they were making for the big day with interest as the unseasonable winds and rains flowed around us! So when, out of the blue, Owen mailed me to say they had indeed got married and had collected a donation for us at their wedding, we were mightily intrigued. They had apparently had a ‘charity beer keg’ and on the bar at the reception there was a little piece about Helping Elsewhere and every pint made us a little more! Well … all I can say is a merry time must have been had by all judging by the donation they were kind enough to send us! Thank you Owen and Livy and congratulations on your new life together!

Wedding Beer!

Wedding Beer!


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  1. Blaise Costabir says, September 6th, 2010 at 13:58

    The letter form the new rector and the pictures are now ready. Unfortunately you have left. We will mail them.
    As for the caps. If you need any ask me. No need to carry plastic caps form London. I was there for 3 days in July.

    See you when you are down next and thank you for kick starting teh life baord project


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